Laboratory of Deformation Control

Laboratory of Deformation Control, Division of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University.

We are conducting education and research with the aim of applying the basic knowledge of mechanical engineering, such as mechanics of materials, plasticity, thermo-fluid mechanics, optimal design, and vibration engineering, to a wide range of industrial fields.

Development of composites with remarkably high thermal conductivity using thermal conductivity networks composed of nanomaterials such as CNTs. Safety evaluation of electronic devices. Thermal and structural analysis of smartphones. Stents used in the treatment of atherosclerosis. Motion analysis of knee joints and development of artificial joints. Optimal design of new functional composites. Vibration control of smart composites. 

Through these research activities, we aim to provide research and education to develop human resources who can acquire the skills to solve any problem.

北海道大学 大学院工学研究院,機械・宇宙航空工学部門,変形制御学研究室




  • 研究室:工学部A棟5-64,機械工学総合研究棟 3-04
  • 実験室: 機械工学総合研究棟 3-12,1-09